Wednesday, August 26, 2015

About installing Oracle 11g Database on AIX 64 , OS Patch:IZ97457 missing error

Hi again,

In this post, i am gonna write about OS Patch missing errors  while installing Oracle 11gR2 Database on AIX OS 6.1 .

In the setup page, i faced with this screen. It says some kernel parameters are not suitable, and some OS Patches are missing in server.

Parameter issue can be handled by running, but OS Patches errors can be done by unix groups or needs other groups, so DBAs dont like that :)

You can query your AIX version and patches via these commands:

</home/erkanul>oslevel -s
</home/erkanul>instfix -i |grep IZ97457
</home/erkanul>instfix -i | grep IZ88711
    All filesets for IZ88711 were found.
</home/erkanul>instfix -i | grep IZ89514
    All filesets for IZ89514 were found.

So actually, some of missing OS Patches are already installed in my server. So when i search for Patch IZ97457 on , it shows the document named 11gR2 OUI On AIX Pre-Requisite Check Gives Error "Patch IZ97457, IZ89165 Are Missing" (Doc ID 1439940.1)
 In this page, it says following, 

** Patch IZ97457 **

5300-11 - use AIX APAR IZ98424
5300-12 - use AIX APAR IZ98126
6100-04 - use AIX APAR IZ97605
6100-05 - use AIX APAR IZ97457
6100-06 - use AIX APAR IZ96155
6100-07 - use AIX APAR IZ97118
7100-00 - use AIX APAR IZ97035


If you have above APAR installed (respective of your OS TL level), you can ignore these errors or else you will have to install respective APAR's to complete installation.

Thanks to my colleague Erkan Saka reminds me that Os Patches can be in different names for different OS level, i checked IBM site for patches.

In this page, i found following , 

AIX 6.1
Package       Level shipped         APAR/Filesets  
6100 TL7          6100-07            IZ97118

It says if your OS level upper than 6.1 TL 07, that OS Patches can be found as IZ97118, so i checked my server and yeah :)

</home/erkanul>instfix -i | grep IZ97118
    All filesets for IZ97118 were found.

So, there is no problem and i finished installing.


11gR2 OUI On AIX Pre-Requisite Check Gives Error "Patch IZ97457, IZ89165 Are Missing" (Doc ID 1439940.1)

Thanks for reading :)

Enjoy it.

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