Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meet The GDELT project and Google BigQuery


In this post, i will talk out of DBA topics and introduce you The GDELT project . In short , it is an event database growing daily storing events captured from online news sites. What is magical that you can get data about how political events are related across unvierse and how online sources shows them. Give it a try at

They introduce the project as follows .

A Global Database of Society

"Supported by Google Ideas, the GDELT Project monitors the world's broadcast, print, and web news from nearly every corner of every country in over 100 languages and identifies the people, locations, organizations, counts, themes, sources, emotions, counts, quotes and events driving our global society every second of every day, creating a free open platform for computing on the entire world."

Peoplo who do research will love this dataset. It holds data according to dictionary called CAMEO and codes events to dataset by examining online news sources. After that they provide an API to analyze it .

Google also supports this movement and provides SQLlike syntax for querying the that dataset.

From this page , you can give it a try.

Maybe in my thesis, i use that dataset.

Thanks The GDELT team, good job .

Thanks for reading. :)

Enjoy & share.

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