Monday, November 23, 2015

My Presentation about "Oracle Cloud Services - Complete Example " @ Oracle Cloud Day Istanbul, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I am very happy to announce you , sorry i am a bit late :/ , that i had a great  honour to make a presentation about Oracle Cloud at the heart of the my city Istanbul at a great Oracle event .

There were many brillant presentations @ Cloud Day, i got many lessons.

As usual, technical sessions were done with members of  TROUG which is Turkish OUG that i am very proud of being a member ! ;) You can take a complete look through TROUG  eye to event with following post in Turkish..

Me and my colleague Ozgur Umut Vurgun held our presentation about Oracle Cloud Services.

My part was very funny because i prepared a complete example about Oracle Cloud from signing up to cloud account to monitoring & administrating a cloud database.

In the next days, i will post that lab post in detail.

Now you can reach our presentation which is in Turkish from here.

Here is my picture from the event :)

Thank you all :)

I wish i can make my way to next Oracle events all over the world!


  1. Making the storms in architectural makeovers and other pertinent issues with big data is a good highlight for some of the newbies out here. I love the fact that you were highlighting some of the upcoming training opportunities and how it would be of good taste to see new developments such as Oracle BDA Lite VM. This was quite a read.

    Donald Steadman @ Office PCS

  2. Hi Mr. Donald,
    Thanks for your valuable comment

    Enjoy & share

    Erkan _ kamudba

  3. I believe it has been a humbling experience to deliver a presentation on such a high level event! Congratulations with a success!