Thursday, December 31, 2015



The perfect news come at the end. My recent posts has been honoured by OTechMag and it is out !

You can reach the full paper at 

Thanks to everyone supporting me and reading the posts :)

As i say all the time : Enjoy & Share

Have a happy New Year!


Monday, December 28, 2015

[Exadata] About "ORA-14404: partitioned table contains partitions in a different tablespace" error


In this post, i will talk about ORA-14404 error i got recently when i try to drop an old tablespace. It was very annoying and  time consuming because i knew all partitions for all tables reside in same tablespace :)

Oracle Cloud Servisleri Uygulaması @ Oracle Cloud Day 2015 Istanbul


Oracle Cloud Day 2015 Istanbul'da anlattığım Oracle Cloud Servisleri sunumumda yaptığım çalışmanın detaylı dökümanını söz verdiğim gibi paylaşıyorum.

[BigData] Configuring Beeline and Impala Agents on an EdgeNode


In this post, i will configure beeline and impala agents on an EdgeNode which you will remember in my previous posts and configure these agents for Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA) test and prod targets.

Let me talk about EdgeNode.
You can configure a node as a hadoop client outside BDA and enabling connections to BDA from this node, called EdgeNode. One can use EdgeNode(s) as access points or data land zone to trasport data to BDA. Many edge nodes can be defined in order to handle production load.

In my previous posts, i established my EdgeNode for supporting hdfs, hive and spark operations like working on BDA .
Visit -> for Hadoop client, for Spark client

In this post, i configured beeline and impala command shells supporting authentication without entering connection strings.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[Hive] Using Nested Queries


As you know working with SQL-like syntax in HIVE does not allow us all the capabilities as native-SQL or any commercial database improved SQL abilities. In this post, i will talk about nested queries in HIVE and rewriting an SQL query running in Exadata.