Thursday, January 21, 2016

[BigData] Training Environment for BigData & How to start Oracle BDA Lite 4.2.1 succesfully


For all Oracle lovers and swimmers in BigData ocean :)

Now we have a safe amusement park for big data training purpose thanks to Oracle.

You can easily open Oracle BDA Lite VM as a virtual machine your terminals and start testing several hadoop tools and architectures within a lite version of a complete appliance.

[NoSQL] How to install an Oracle NoSQL Database

Hi people,

After a 2 weeks break, i am here to write again :)

In this post, i will create an Oracle NoSQL database on some nodes of Oracle BigData Appliance. Also, i will talk about NoSQL structures and do installation. After setup, i will populate and query the db and show how to secure an Oracle NoSQL database.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

[DB Admin ~ BDA Admin] Big Data Okyanusuna Açılırken...

"En uzun yolculuklar bile, 
            tek bir adımla başlar.” 
-       Lao Tzu

Merhaba arkadaşlar,

Bu yazımda bir DBA’in BigData ile imtihanından ve Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA) konfigürasyon serüveninden bahsedeceğim. Keyifli bir yazı yazmaya çalıştım . :)  Umarım bigdata çalışmalarına başlayan kişiler için faydalı olur.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

[BigData] Authorization with Apache Sentry


Security is a hot topic in big data systems and Oracle integrates security to hadoop ecosystem with Apache Sentry.
Sentry is used in Oracle BigData Appliance in order to satisfy security concerns and authorize SQL access. Sentry supports role-based access control and unified authorization for HUE, impala and hive.

In this post , i will talk about sentry tool and make some authorization settings for OS groups.



All bloggers and Oracle lovers!!

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Have a good year!

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